Deputy Sheriff Kurt Ford
Harvey County Sheriff's Office,
End of Watch:
April 9, 2005

Badge Number:
Years on The Job:
Cause of Death:
Shot and killed
Weapon Used:
Hand gun

Harvey County sheriff's deputy Kurt Ford, 38, was killed, and Hesston Police Detective Chris Eilert, 33, was shot four times but survived. Gregory Moore, 46, shot the law enforcement officers when they barged into his house after hearing a woman being struck. The officers went to the Moore's home after a 14-

year-old girl called police around 12:50 a.m. Saturday to say her mother was being beaten and that the suspect had a gun. Around 3 a.m., law enforcement got in contact with Moore and the unidentified woman by telephone, and Moore agreed to talk to Ford and Eilert at the door.


Deputy Sheriff Kurt Ford

Hesston Police Detective Chris Eilert

During the conversation, the woman indicated she wanted to leave. The door slammed shut and the officers heard her being hit. The two officers rushed into the house and were met by gunfire.

 The hostage whom authorities described only as living at the residence in a romantic relationship with the suspect broke free from Moore and was able to escape unharmed.

Other law enforcement officers were able to retrieve the two officers. Eilert, who had been with the Hesston Police Department for five years, was sent to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita where he was in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. Smith said Moore, who was not hurt, remained barricaded in the house for another five hours before surrendering around 8:30 a.m. Smith said officers found a handgun and shotgun in the two-story home. The suspect was well known to local law enforcement officials, who had been called out to the house several times in the past.

Ford had just returned to the Harvey County Sheriff's Department in January. He had worked at the Harvey County Jail in 1988, and after that he went to Hesston where he worked for the police department and served as chief. He also worked at the sheriff's office in Colorado Springs.
Harvey County Sheriff Byron Motter, Left, gets a hug from his daughter, Jill Cozine, after a press conference about the shooting of Deputy Kurt Ford

Agency Information:
Harvey County Sheriff's Office
120 E 7th St
PO Box 231
Newton, KS 67114
Phone: 316-284-6960

Kurt is my twin brother. He was shot only three blocks from my house. I held him as he took his last breath. Life has changed without him, but we carry on his memory and honor him for his ultimate sacrifice of giving his life for another.

Karla Winslow, KS
Kurt's twin sister.

Date: 02/28/2006
Time: 09:22 AM

It is abundantly clear that ALL of your fallen officers shared a common thread - they were of the highest caliber yet modest and unassuming in the approach of their duties. I believe that for as long as such
men and women patrol your streets with such commitment and professionalism, then you have much to be proud of. My heart goes out to all the bereaved families, but be assured, there is someone in "every" corner of the world who cares!

Don W.
Wildlife Protection Ranger (UK)
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

May your family find peace and strength.  I know how it feels to lose a family member in the line of duty.  My prayers are with you.  They will be blessed for all that they did for us while they were here and now they can all watch over us.

Lauren, LA

Your job on earth is done and you are safely in God's hands. You are now our guardian angel who watches over us in heaven. Your family and fellow officers are in our prayers. God bless.

Beverly "Jake" Smith, Retired Reserve Officer
Gainesville Police Dept. FL

Walk tall, walk tall and protect us from above with honor and dignity. May you lead the charge for
citizens right in heaven as you did here on earth

Darrell Thompson
Privet Security Officer St. Clair Co. MI,
Community College Campus Patrol #14

Rest in peace, and
may God allow him to keep watch over us on earth while he patrols his beat
in heaven.
Our prayers go out to the Officer's Department family and friends. May they all find peace in their hearts soon.

From all the Staff at Police Special Inc.

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