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Officer Mark Sawyers
Sterling Heights Police Dept. MI
End of Watch:
June 5, 2004
Badge Number:
Years on The Job:
8 Mo.
Weapon Used:
Shot Gun
Lapel pin is polished silver, made of die cast metal.
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Officer Mark Sawyers was sitting in his patrol car in a Target Department Store parking lot at 15 Mile Road and Van Dyke in Sterling Heights. Sawyers had just finished responding to a traffic accident nearby and had stopped in the store's parking lot to complete paperwork, when two men in a red Chevrolet

Camero drove up to his patrol car and fired at least one shot into the passenger side window striking Sawyers in the head and neck. A woman shopping in at the Target Center saw a man leaning into a broken passenger-side window of the cruiser before walking back to another vehicle. The woman called police, who found the officer slumped over in his seat and determined that he had been shot. The Perpetrator also stole the officers weapon. Sawyer was taken to St. John Hospital where he underwent surgery and died at 7:30am. Investigators are looking for two white men in a 1994 red Chevrolet Camero with a Michigan license plate of YSR-497.

Officer Sawyers had served with the Sterling Heights Police Department for seven months and had previously served for three years with the Detroit Police Department. He is survived by his wife Yvonne, and daughter, Lily



Agency Contact Information:

Sterling Heights Police Department
40333 Dodge Park Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

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